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Appendix A: Credits

This section has grow quite a bit over time. I doubt that one person would be able to devise such a fun and complex game like ADOM (if you believe the folks out there) in his own. This is especially true for ADOM, which - over the years - has been shaped by the input of literally thousands of people. Below you will find - in no particular order - those folks, whom I still remember for their contributions. Sorry to the many others I forgot to mention - your inspirations will live onward through ADOM nonetheless.

Many people were involved in the creation of the initial version of ADOM so long ago. At this point I'd like to thank my great testers, who sacrificed their precious time to test the work of a madman. Thanks (in alphabetical order) for their efforts in testing pretty buggy alpha software and enduring endless program crashes go to:

Miscellaneous credits (for inspiration, ideas, more testing and similar contributions) go to:

Boudewijn Wayers, for providing some space on his FTP site for this game and for creating the first ADOM WWW page.

Cenk Ergan, for providing the new official ADOM FTP site and for providing web space (I yet have to use :-} ).

Dan Shiovitz, for doing all the work necessary to create the newsgroup

Richard Fowler, for maintaining the FAQ for ADOM. Direct all questions to

Erwin Mascardo, for being the first FAQ maintainer.

Sandra Whiting, for being a wonderful proofreader for the manual and for creating a Winword-based manual.

R. Dittmer, for creating another Winword-based manual (and he was the first one to do so).

Thomas Friedetzky, for creating a TeX-based manual for ADOM.

Daniel Quaroni (, for maintaining the spoiler files for ADOM.

Jason Konrad MacEachern, for being one of the first two spoiler file maintainers and helping to get them started.

Erwin Andreasen, for providing a termcap entry for Linux, which seems to solve the color problems many people seem to have.

Jochen Terstiege, for his tireless efforts and support while porting ADOM to the Amiga, while debugging Windows 95 to make it work with ADOM and for his endless zeal in searching for bugs.

Simone Heidenfelder, for her help in creating the star signs for ADOM.

Evan Gibson, for providing a launcher interface to ADOM for OS/2.

Jonathan Santaana, for proofreading many of the text files.

Eric Bazin, Matt Chatterley, Aaron Dutton, R. Dittmer, Frank Duphorn, Bridget Farace, Evan Gibson, Jeff Goodson, Adam Horowitz, Ken Iwasa, Tim Jordan, Nicholas Kenyon, John Lame, Perttu Laurila, Cameron Lay, Philipp Lucas, Derek Ludwig, Joshua Malmquist, Erwin Mascardo, Jonathan Santaana, Don Stauffer, Greg Wheatley, Gerry Kevin Wilson and Krey Younger for providing (some really great) suggestions.

Raymond Martineau, for being the most persistent and innovative bug reporter I ever had to suffer from (boy, you wouldn't believe the bugs he managed and manages to find in ADOM -- I usually don't ;-). And for being a constant source of great - and weird - ideas.

Michael Allchin for being the first one to send a postcard (see the introduction in this manual or section E of the general readme file for more information about this topic).

Mike Sands from New Zealand, for sending the most original postcard I have received up to now (although Richard Fowler is a close second).

Jurriaan Kalkman, for being the first to provide some great songs for the Mad Minstrel.

Evan Gibson and Jeff Goodson, for providing additional songs for the Mad Minstrel.

Dave Decot (for a certain scroll -- wherever you are, contact me)

Many thanks to Greg Wooledge, Bill Hodgeman, Christian Schlittchen, David G. Kahane and Olaf Weber for doing some low-level debugging in 099g7 to find the cause for an annoying crash.

Thanks to Boris Blazevic for giving me the decisive hint for fixing one of the most annoying bugs ever.

Thanks to the "Epsilon"-Testers of ADOM 0.9.9 Gamma 9 (Richard Fowler, Stefanie Woll, Barry Kearns, Chris Ingersoll) without whom that version would have been delayed even more.

Special thanks to the "Epsilon"-Testers of ADOM 0.9.9 Gamma 10 who put up with five prerelease versions and helped to ensure that Gamma 10 will be a hallmark of stability for versions to come -- you did great work (in no particular order): Lana Bowman, Katie E. Sehorn, Andy Williams, Richard Fowler, Stefanie Woll, Barry Kearns, Christian Caesar, Derek Ludwig, Greg Wooledge, Joseph W. DeVincentis, Martin Gelter, Raymond Martineau and William Tanksley.

Very special thanks to the prerelease testers of ADOM 1.0.0 who made sure that I finally got it finished and provided very helpful input while suffering through a number of prereleases (in no paticular order): Markku Rikola, Olli "Shader" Juhala, Stephen Mackey, Adrian Bancilhon, Andy Williams, John Rowat, Julian Day, Paul G. Nimmo, Teemu Kokki, Olivier Benard, Aaron Dutton, Raymond Martineau, Joni Toivanen and Conrad Brekke. A few names are missing and will be added ones the respective persons (you know who you are) get around to send me their full data. Folks, you are missing out on something!

Special thanks to Martin Gelter for providing the decisive hint required to find the nasty color bug in ADOM 0.9.9g9 and g10.

Thanks to Dravid Brady for a very interesting discussion about cheat protection features.

Thanks to Mike Anderson for some ideas on maze generation.

Thanks to the late Robert E. Howard for a great poem about a (the?) Mad Minstrel, which was added to ADOM 1.1.0 at the suggestion of Benjamin Keller.

Credits for the monster memory

First of all, I have to thank all folks who pushed me again and again to add this feature. You were all right... it adds so much to the game that it was really worth it.

Then there were many who provided descriptions for monsters or refined existing monsters -- thanks to all of you since you have really helped to make ADOM a much better game:

Josef Addleman, Ryan Allan, Laurence R. Brothers, Matt Chatterley, John M. Cho, Torsten Edelmann, John Thomas Flanagan, Florian Gerich, Chris Ingersoll, Stefan Jokisch, Chris D. Koeberle, David Loewenstern, Dwight McDowell, John Michaud, Tom Nowacki, Adam K. Rixey, Tom Sanders, Katie Sehorn, Ashe Stickney, William Tanksley, Adam Taylor, Aaron P. Teske, Kevin Wilson, Greg Wooledge, Peng Zhou

Special thanks in this respect go to Richard Fowler and Stefanie Woll for doing so many monster descriptions that I'm still marvelling at their enthusiasm and perseverance. Richard in particular wrote up more descriptions than anybody else without ever complaining -- without his extreme perseverance and talent, ADOM 0.9.9 Gamma 7 probably would have taken a lot longer to complete than it took in any case.

Another slew of special thanks go to Ronald Neumann, who provided me with 264 (!) wonderful monster descriptions for ADOM 0.9.9 Gamma 13, which were used to replace a few of the older ones and add variants to many descriptions.

Credits for providing additional question blocks for attribute determination

Marek Baczynski, Tim Daniell, Tyler Davis, Julian Day, Bruce Greenwood, Juuso Heimonen, Greg Howard, Olli Juhala, Jurriaan Kalkman, Yves Lorat, Jonatan Semenoff, Fiera Smith (Katie Simpson, sorry, had to do it ;-), Juha Suvanto

Credits for additions to the source code go to

William Tanksley, for providing a new random number generator for ADOM with lots of possibilities and for many helpful comments about improving the source code in general.

Raymond Martineau for patching the DOS version of PD Curses to remove an annoying bug related to pressing keys quickly and getting stuff displayed on time.

Ross Morgan-Linial for suggesting to use run length encoding for save files in times long gone by - when the game really needed it.

Credits for various minor tidbits of ideas go to

Jon Abbott, Shawn Adams, Atte Aholainen, Ryan Allen, Anders Andersson, Brian Angeletti, Julian Arnold, Ola Augun, Ben Bagley, Charlie Ball, Ian Barkley-Yeung, Jason Barnes, Petr Bartos, Thomas Beaumont, Florian Beck, Ian Michael Bell, Holger Bettag, Adam Biltcliffe, Jakob D. Bindslet, Tobias D. Bindslet, Robert Blair, Sam Blanning, Erik Bock, Erik Inge Bolsø, Douglas Bonar, Mike Bowen, Lana Bowman, David Brady, Tristan Brightman, Jackson Bross, Laurence R. Brothers, Liam Bryan, Harald Büsching, Jeff Butler, Paul Byrne, Massimo Campostrini, Christian Caesar, Bennett V. Campbell, Brian R. Carl, Dave Carr, Matthew Carson, J. B. Cattley, Melvin Curran, Nikolaus Davidson, Zachary Sundance Davies, Julian Day, Gregory Dean Dearing, Robert DeLoura, Paul Derbyshire, Alexander Deubelbeiss, Simon Devet, Alexander Dressler, Alexander Deubelbeiss, Noah Dowd, Leen Droogendijk, Nick Duffek, Martha Dumas, Kieron Dunbar, Aaron Dutton, Torsten Edelmann, Martin Fanta, Robert Fermier, Mike Ferry, John Thomas Flanagan, John Fouhy, Richard Fowler, Lucas French, Martin Gelter, Florian Gerich, Daniel Giaimo, Jeff Goodson, Morris Greenberg, Nicole Hall, Sami Hangaslammi, Richard Harang, Jori Heiskanen, Chris Herborth, Tuomas Hietala, Eben Howard, Mark Humphreys, Eugene Hung, Robert Hutchins, Ville Huuskonen, Chris Ingersoll, Christopher Jeris, Robert Johnston, Charles Allen Jones, Olli Juhala, Jurriaan Kalkman, Joel Kamentz, Jonathan Katz, Dan Kaufman, Barry Kearns, Chris Keiner, Benjamin Keller, Richard Kenan, Janne Keskinarkaus, Eino Keskitalo, Kai Kinnunen, Sami Kivela, Teemu Kokki, Antti Kokkonen, Edward Kolis, Bojan Kopitar, Karl A. Krueger, Tero Laiho, Jeff Lait, Timo Laitila, Luc Lam, Viljami Lappalainen, Nicholas Lawson, Tommi Leino, Pierre-Emmanuel Leonard, Tommi Lind, Timo Lindfors, Björn Loesing, Daniel Lundberg, Sami Luoma-Pukkila, Mark D. Mackey, Kevin Magee, Magnus Malm, Joshua Malmquist, Aziz Manva, Dan Martin, Raymond Martineau, Paul Marshall, Joe McCauley, Michael Meadows, Russ Melanson, Justen Meltz, Ed Morris, Paul L. Mosquin, Lee Morgan, Al Morgan, Ross Morgan-Linial, Juergen Neitzel, Ronald Neumann, Michael Niedecken, Tom Nowacki, Uriah Otting, Dirk Jan Out, Kyle Elisabeth Overstreet, Brian J. Parker, Mikko Parviainen, Päivi Pasi, Lauri Pekkarinen, Nick Pelis, Kent Peterson, George Petryk, Thomas Pittman, Brian M. Pope, Darren Purdy, Dustin Ragan, Tommi Raina, Ted Rallis, Anand Ramakrishnan, Martin Read, Markku Rikola, Ian Roberts, Will Rogers, Dmitriy Rogozhnikov, Daniel Roth, John Rowat, Daniel Rutter, Osku Salerma, Jussi Salomaki, Igor Savin, Zach Schaible, Andrew Schoonmaker, Edward Schwank, Katie E. Sehorn, Linus Sellberg, Richard Sheaves-Bein, Mark Shipton, Piotr Sieklucki, Petri Sihvola, Jan Silander, Aaron B. Simpson, Andrew Skalski, Ole Martin Skarås, Joe Slater, Dennis Smith, Christian Sommerer, Frank Thomas Sronce Jr., Nicholas Stallard, Walt Stoneburner, Brian Stricklin, Kjetil Svendsberget, Casey Tan, Adam Taylor, Chuan-Tze Teo, Will Thompson, Ijon Tichy, Gwenael Tranvouez, Erno Tuomainen, Uoti A. Urpala, Andrew Vance, Kimme Varrio, Simon de Vet, Naumov Vladislav, Ryan Vurlicer, Tim Wadsworth, Eva Walterson, Markus Warg, Olaf Weber, Mason Wheeler, Steven A. White, Alexander Wilkins, Andy Williams, Dan Williams, Stefanie Woll, Johann Wolovich, Martin Woodard, Greg Wooledge, Leszek Wronski, Scott Yost, Lev Zakrevski, Vadim Zeitlin and Peng Zhou

Credits for bug reports go to

Matti Aalto, Are Gunnar Aarø, Travis Acton, David L. Adam, Josef Addleman, Adina Adler, Fernando Espinosa Aguilar, Steven Aitkin, Ben Allen, Jason Allen, Mats Andtbacka, Erwin Andreasen, Brian Angeletti, Craig Arnold, Julian Arnold, Antti Arola, Erik Aronesty, Sergey Arseniev, Alex G. Arzamastsev, Jon Åslund, David Assaf, Robert Au, Ola Augun, Victor R. Austin, Penny Baker, Mike Bandsmer, Scott Barcik, Ian Barkley-Yeung, Jason Barnes, Aurore Baron, Fabien Baron, Eric Bazin, Tom Beaumont, Richard Beigel, Charles Bell, Chip Bell, Victor Bell, Richard Benjamin, Olivier Benard, Timo Berthold, Brian Bibeault, L. Biegaj, Adam Biltcliffe, Neil Blaber, Dan Blandford, Sam Blanning, Eric Bleich, Eric Bock, Erik Inge Bolsoe, Lana Bowman, Konstantin Boyandin, Tigh Bradley, Michael Brassell, Gareth Brisbane, Adam Paul Bronson, Jackson Bross, Laurence R. Brothers, Larry Brown, Owen Brown, Baldur Brueckner, Liam Bryan, Harald Buesching, Pavel Bulanov, Fritz Burnell, Barry Burns, Gareth Bushill, Peter Bystrov, Christian Caesar, Greg Cambridge, Massimo Campostrini, Abilio Carvalho, J.B Cattley, Bobby Chan, Paul Chapman, Kok-Leong Chin, Leslie Choong, Will Chose, Scott A. Christensen, Bruce Coe, Scott Cohan, Mathias Cohen, Rick Cooley, Kipling Cooper, Gian Paolo Costantino, DeWitt Clinton, Greg Cooksey, Orlando de la Cruz, Marek Ctrnact, Frits Daalmans, Zachary Sundance Davies, Jeff L. Davis, Adam Dawes, Warrick Dawes, Greg Day, Julian Day, Daniel Josef Dekok, Jeff Derenne, Steven desJardins, Alexander Deubelbeiss, Simon Devet, Joseph W. DeVincentis, Graeme Dice, Kristin Dill, Tomas Dill, Dominic DiPalantino, David Dobbs, Ondrej Dobias, Antonio Dolcetta, Leen Droogendijk, Gerry Drouing, Michel Dubois, Nick Duffek, Kieron Dunbar, Conrad Dunkerson, Chris Dunthorne, Frank Duphorn, Krid Dusitsin, Aaron Dutton, Grant Dvorak, Peter Ebbeson, Torsten Edelmann, Michael F. Ehlers, Erno Ekebom, Jacob Eliason, Tony Elmroth, Keith Ellul, Ben Esacove, Diego Essaya, Chris Evans, Georgy Evseev, Martin Fanta, Bridget Farace, Robert Farnik, Yee Foo Fatt, Michael C. Ferguson, Robert Fermier, Mike Ferry, Piotr Figiel, Timothy K. Firman, Paul Firth, Dean Fitzgerald, John Flanagan, Steve Flynn, Johan Forsberg, John Fouhy, Richard Fowler, Eric Fuller, Lewis Futrell, Ben Thomas Galehouse, Alan Gallauresi, Jamie Gannon, Ashley Garrett, William Gauvin, Manuel Gebauer, Martin Gelter, David Gerber, Svante Gerhard, Daniel Giaimo, Evan Gibson, Robert E. Gibson, Christopher J. Gibson, Jesse Gillis, Joe Giroux, Jens Gislev, Patrick Goguen, Jeff Goodson, Richard Graham, Bryce Greathouse, Jonathan Michael Greenberg, Morris Greenberg, Bruce Alan Greenwood, Jason C. Griego, Joe Groszkiewicz, Matthew Grove, Rafal Grymuza, Richard J. Haag, Jesse Christopher Hadden, Tuomo Hämäläinen, Walter Hafner, Jason Haley, David Hall, Sami Hangaslammi, Tom Hanlin, Richard Harang, John William Harris, Cody Hatch, Sascha Hatzl, Dag Trygve Truslew Haug, Joseph R. Hauser, John Mark Hawley, Jarkko Heino, Harri Heinisuo, Jukka M. Heiskanen, Malte Helmert, Teemu Helppi, Philipp Hendricks, Gottfried Herold, Iiro Hietala, Karl Hiller, Eric Hilsdale, Patrick Hjelt, Jouni Hokkinen, Adam Horowitz, Paul Houghton, David Howdon, Dennis Householder, Thomas Houser, Eugene Hung, Markku Hunnakko, Jim Hunziker, Iris Hupkens, Robert Hutchins, Diane Hutton, John Hutton, Ari Hyttinen, Eino Iivari Ii, Lauri Ilvas, Chris Ingersoll, Rob Ingersoll, Eric Robert Jablow, Mario James, Johan S. Janssen, Raf Janssens, Asbjörn Jensen, Christopher Jeris, Josh Jersild, Robert Johnston, Stefan Jokisch, Sheldon B. Jolson, Charles Allen Jones, Tim Jordan, Nuutinen Juha, Olli Juhala, Jani Kärkkäinen, David G. Kahane, Jurriaan Kalkman, Jaakko Kalliosalo, Martha B. Kapouch, Karel Karlik, Mikko Karonen, Matti Karppanen, Howard Katz, Evan Kaye, Robert Kazmierczak, Barry Kearns, Benjamin Keller, T. J. Jankun-Kelly, Richard Kenan, Juha Kerätär, Janne Keskinarkaus, Eino Keskitalo, Jens Kessler, Bartek Kijanka, Tuomas Kilpeläinen, Timo Kiviluoto, Jani Kivisola, Panu Klemola, Chris D. Koeberle, Sampo Koistinen, Edward Kolis, Risto Koljonen, Elmar Kolkman, Mikolaj Konarski, Bojan Kopitar, Yuri Kopylovski, Peter Kosinar, Matt Kracht, Juha Krapu, Tom Kronmiller, Karl A. Krueger, Jonathan A. Kullnat, Miikka Kulmala, Antti Kuusela, Jussi Laakso, Scott Vander Laan, Paul Labuda, Jan Lagerman, Juha-Pekka Laine, Jeff Lait, Timo Laitila, John Lame, Jaakko Lämsä, Jukka A. Lang, Justin Larue, Christian Lassem, Perttu Laurila, Ammon Lauritzen, Michael A. Laux, Nicholas Lawson, Clark Lawton, Craig Lay, Christopher Lee, Ville Lehtinen, George Leidolf, Tommi Leino, Ville Leminen, Tony Leneis, Jerry C. Lin, Terry C. Lin, Stephen Lin, Tommi Lind, George C. Lindauer, Ilkka Lindblom, Oskar Linde, Emilia Linden, Miika Linden, Tuomas Lintunen, Tomasz Lisowski, David Lodge, David Loewenstern, Nicole Lubinski, Philipp Lucas, Lapo Luchini, Derek Ludwig, Tomas Lundqvist, Mark Mackey, Stephen Mackey, Matthew Maclean, Kevin Magee, Edvard Majakari, Timo Majuri, Joshua Malmquist, Aziz Manva, Jens Markmann, Paul Marshall, Dan Martin, Raymond Martineau, Erwin Mascardo, Chris Mathews, Paul Matlock, Lisa Maynard, Robert N. M. McCrea, John McGrady, David McGrath, Dave McKee, Chuck McKenzie, Shea McNamara, Michael Meadows, Jason Melancon, Martin Meldrum, Justen Meltz, Mark Mercer, Teemu Merilöinen, Aki J. Moilanen, Mikhail Moldavskiy, Jason Monson, Galen Morgan Moore, Lee Morgan, Jacob Morzinski, Beth Moscato, Paul L. Mosquin, Stanislav Muhametshin, Katy Mulvey, Jarmo Muurim"aki, J. Murphy, Marko Musnjak, Jan Erik Mydland, Peter Nadeau, Juhan-A Nakkalajarvi, Jefferson Ng, Yen Nguyen, Daniel Nielsen, Antti Niemela, Yrjo Sakari Niemela, Markus Niemi, Michael Niewoehner, Toni Nikkanen, Blair Nilsson, Ivar Nilsson, Tyler Novak, Keir Novik, Tom Nowacki, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes, Shawn Oakey, Georg Oberwinkler, Anders Olin, Eric Olsen, Ronny On, Dale Ondeck, Gunnar Opsommer, Uriah Otting, Alexander Ovchinnikov, Niilo Paasivirta, Boris Paleev, Rob Palkowski, Jori Palomäki, Lena Pammer, Brian J. Parker, Kris Parker, Tom Parker, Mikko Parviainen, Paivi Pasi, Kenneth Paulson, Steven Pearson, Lauri Pekkarinen, Nick Pelis, Michael Perelmutter, Eero Permi, Stefan Perrson, Kent Peterson, Pekka Piispanen, Pasi Tapani Pirhonen, Antti Pitk"am"aki, Thomas Pittman, Leon Planken, Anthony Polito, Joseph Price, Colin Pritchard, Petr Prokop, Konstantin D. Prots, Sami Luoma-Pukkila, Darren Purdy, Alexander Purikov, Serge Purikov, Joska Pyykko, Julie Rak, Brian Ramos, Michael Rams, Jari Randelin, Jarkko Rantavuori, Toni Rasanen, Risto Rautanen, Derek S. Ray, Martin Read, Sam Reisner, Judd Reiffin, David Rekowski, Lari Rissanen, Yonatan Ivan Rivera, Adam K. Rixey, David J. Robertson, Steve A. Robinson, Jean-Philippe Rodriguez, Dmitriy Rogozhnikov, John Rowat, Gerald W. Rutsch, Daniel Rutter, Rich Ryker, Jason Sabback, Zead Said, Osku Salerma, Jussi Salomäki, Paavo Salonen, Mika Salovaara, Steven Salter, Tom Sanders, Mike Sands, Colin Sansam, Nate Sarbin, Igor Savin, Brian Saul, Ben Sayer, Giuseppe Scarpi, Mark W. Schmelzenbach, Jonathan Schmidt, Martin Schuster, Edward Schwank, Markus Schwarz, Michael Searle, Zoe Seekins, Linus Sellberg, Jano Senko, David Shafer, Scott Shaw, Richard Sheaves-Bein, Adam Sherron, Mickey Sheu, George Shevchenko, Mark Shipton, Andrew Shkolnikov, Scott Shorter, Piotr Sieklucki, Michal Sienkiewicz, Petri Siira, Kaarel Sikk, Simone Silvestrini, Erlend Simonsen, Aaron B. Simpson, Pasi Siren, Andrew Skalski, Håvard Slåttbråten, Benton G. Smith, Zach Smith, Dave Slutzkin, Klaus Sommerer, David Soule, Frank Sronce, Toni Stauffer, Benjamin Stein, Matthew Stephans, Peppe Stolpe, Dougy Stones, Dave Storey, Brian Stricklin, Kenneth Strom, Konstantin Stupnik, Mika Sutinen, Kjetil Svendsberget, Martin Svensson, Joni Syri, Bruno Tabbia, Adam Taylor, Avier Taylor-Paul, Chuan-Tze Teo, Matthew Terrington, Jochen Terstiege, Justin Thiessen, Mirko Thoele, Kyle Thomason, Marcy Thompson, Will Thompson, Juha Tiensuu, Russ Todd, Joni Toivanen, Olli Tiainen, Gordon Tran, Matthew Trevor, Mattia Trivellone, Erik C. Troberg, Jurek Trzepla, Jani-Pekka Tuomaala, Erno Tuomainen, Chris Underwood, Mark Underwood, Uoti A. Urpala, Otto Urpelainen, Tuukka Urpi, Kimme Utsi, Toni Vaatainen, Olivier Della-Valle, Andrew Vance, Jeff Vandenberg, Kimmo Varrio, Kassandra Velez, Peter H. Verder, Felipe Villar, Oleg V. Volkov, Alexander Volodkovich, Esa Ilari Vuokko, Ryan Vurlicer, Henning Wackernagel, Tim Wadsworth, Ted Walker, David F. Wall, Michael Wallace, Rachel Walmsley, Markus Warg, Pete Warren, Justin Webb, Olaf Weber, Peter Weisberg, Nathan Weismuller, Alex Weldon, Mason Wheeler, David Whitcombe, Steven White, Matt Whitfield, Sandra Whiting, Herb Whitney, Aaron Williams, Andy Williams, Jason Willoughby, Andrew Wilson, Gerry Kevin Wilson, Dan Winsor, Randy Wolgast, Martin Woodard, Greg Wooledge, Rowan Worth, Stephan "W" Wrammerfors, Leszek Wronski, Ian Barkley-Yeung, Yung-Beom Yoo, Scott Yost, Krey Younger, Russ Yuncker, Rodrigo Saldana Zarate, Ben Zealley, Colin Zealley, Yoyo Zhou, Sergei Zhukovsky, Arkady Zilberberg, Frank Zittlau and Varga Zoltan