ADOM Manual

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On certain levels of the dungeon, adventurous merchants have opened their shops to provide supplies for the various bold adventurers exploring the dungeons. The risky environment is made up for by the huge gains possible by selling rare (and even magical!) items to heroes venturing down the dungeons. Since most of them are carrying large amounts of gold, the trade seems to be going very well. Needless to say that only daring and powerful merchants are willing to undertake the risks of opening shops deep in the dungeons.

If you enter a shop, you will be expected to look around, barter and buy stuff. You can leave without buying or selling anything, but remember that at times shops might contain important or powerful items.

To buy something in a shop, you have to pick it up first. The shopkeeper then will block the exit (there seem to be so many thieves around nowadays) and wait for you to pay (which is done by using the 'p' command). If you do not have enough money, you probably will have to leave the item(s) behind.

You can also sell items in a shop to raise more funds. Not every shop will buy everything as most of them are rather specialized (e.g. on potions or scrolls). If you want to sell something, just drop that item. The shopkeeper will immediately tell you how much he is willing to pay and then you can decide whether or not to accept the offer.


In ADOM you might encounter magical wishes. Wishes are a powerful form of magic which allows a variety of effects.

ADOM supports two types of wishes. You can wish for abstract things and concepts like friends, money, wealth, strength, health, and other things.

You can also wish for items. Such wishes can be very useful, since ADOM features many powerful and rare items. If you do not want to wait for a certain item, just wish for it as soon as you receive a free wish. Since wishes are powerful but not very precise magic, you can only wish for very general items. For example, it's not possible to wish for 6 blessed long swords (+6, 1d8+6), but you would rather have to wish for long swords or mithril plate mails. If your wish is not formulated precisely you might get something other than what you are expecting -- so be careful!

Saving the Game

To save a game in progress you just have to press the 'S' key and answer the following question with a 'y'. The game will be saved and you can restore it later to continue your game. You should make sure that you have enough free space on your disc before saving the game as ADOM will otherwise crash. You need about 30000 bytes plus 12000 bytes per level that you have explored. Levels with lots of monsters or items need more space. Generally three free megabytes should be enough for any one game (no matter how deep you venture). Note that the game will quit upon saving. Note also that your save file will be deleted if your character dies. This is a special feature of all roguelike games. You are expected to win without ever dying.

To restore a saved game, just start ADOM and type 'r' on the option screen. If you choose that option a tiny menu will display the available games to be restored (if there are any). Please note that this menu only displays a maximum of 20 saved games (without telling you that there might be additional saved games). This should be sufficient for most purposes. Depending on your screen resolution even less games might be shown (e.g. 16 under DOS).