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The Inventory

Every PC normally carries quite a number of items -- some of them belong to the initial equipment, others are found during the adventure.

All items worn or equipped are displayed upon pressing the 'i' key. If you want to change your equipment (either by wearing an additional item or by removing an item currently used) you simply need to press the letter preceding the body part in question. If an item was equipped, it will automatically be removed. If no item was used you will automatically be shown a list with items which might be useful on that body part.

Items normally have to be identified by some means to get more than just some general information. Some items are identified by using them (e.g. weapons and armor), others have to be identified by magical means. When identified, every item might list a number of values which further describe the powers of the item.

Armor must be worn to have any effect. Weapons must be wielded to have any effect. Rings, bracers, and necklaces must be worn to be useful.

Items are generally rated as uncursed, cursed or blessed. Cursed items cannot be removed when worn and mostly do not function with full effect. They also are susceptible to damage more often. Blessed items are of very high quality and might exert some additional powers. They are more difficult to damage. Uncursed items represent average items.

Items also might be broken or rusty. There might be means available to repair or improve such items... try to find out about this for yourself.

In the following section, items are listed by category with all possible modifiers. The following abbreviations are used to describe the modifiers:

The following item descriptions are available. First the item type is listed, then the possible modifiers follow. Not all modifiers always appear, this depends on the specific item. The kind of visible modifiers can be determined by the type of brackets surrounding them:

Any item (in theory) can be followed by {ATM}, which means that the item in question grants the specified bonus to the mentioned attribute. Any weapon can be followed by (p), which means that the item is poisoned.

Finally, the number of charges for wands will only be visible if you zapped that specific wand successfully or identified that specific wand. In other words: if you identify 'tin wands' as 'wands of magic missiles', you still won't know the number of charges of a newly found 'wand of magic missiles' (although it will be correctly identified in all other respects).

Filtering the Stuff List

Beside those items you carry directly on your body (which can be viewed by pressing 'i'), you also have a backpack which might contain large numbers of items (directly viewable by pressing 'I'). At times you need to retrieve an item from that backpack and this can be a very tiring process if you are carrying a large number of items. Therefore ADOM contains a mechanism to filter the list of items in the backpack, so that only certain item types are displayed and it's easier to find the item you are looking for.

Whenever it is possible to apply a filter to the items in your backpack, the last line of the screen will display the current filter and the possible commands to select a certain item type. In all cases (except for '#' -- which stands for all items), you can select a certain category of items by pressing the symbol which usually represents those items. The following keys are used to filter the items in the backpack:

Key Meaning
[ all wearable items
& all amulets and tools
, all bracers*
( all melee weapons
} all missile weapons
/ all missiles
{ all musical instruments
= all rings
\ all wands
! all potions
? all scrolls
" all books
% all food
$ gold
* all gems
* this is an exception to the 'image rule' since some systems wait for a second key to be pressed after the '~' used for bracers and this would make this feature somewhat tiresome to use).

Beasts of Burden

While many players seem to enjoy carrying around heaps of stuff, this is not really recommended. If your PC carries a lot of stuff, he'll get hungrier soon. This in turn means that you probably will have to carry more food, which can get damaged and further burdens you. ADOM uses several burden levels (from burdened over strained to very strained and overburdened) to mirror this fact. Each burden level comes with a growing need for food. Take care!